Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday morning, Epibunny is still hard at work sewing on patches and making alterations.

Meat for Saturday's dinner.

This is the caterer from the Wild Hog BBQ. Ribs, brisket and pork loin. It was excellent

Epibunny has some nice speakers on "Leather", she parked it close to the tables so we could have soothing dinner music.

Waiting for food

I'll post a few pics here without names, at least for now.

Group picture, taken by Krazbob and barb's daughter.

Barb Huntley and her girl child. Fun people!

Very tender pork. This meat was put on at midnight, 18 hours before serving.

The ribs were done just right.

The meal had fresh candy corn on the cob, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, ribs, pulled pork, brisket and a good BBQ sauce. There was plenty, everyone ate all they wanted and there was a lot left over.

The vultures attacking the food line! :-)

The Detox family at the end of the table. It was nice to have a a couple generations there, Jerry and Krazbob brought their "kids". Very welcome additions to vroc!

Chowing down.

Flyin' Willy left his Harley at home and rode his Nomad. Unlike some vroc rallies this year, the huge percentage of bikes were Vulcans! There was a total of 3 Wings, 2 Harleys, and one Sports bike. All the rest were Vulcans! There was a total of 49 that signed the registration sheet. I think 34 or more ate the BBQ dinner.

Josh from Northern California and his Dad, Denny, came in on Saturday. I wouldn't have recognized Josh, he's lost 140 pounds since January! A shadow of his former self. Good job, Josh.

Mr. and Mrs. Bear (Brenda) also came in on Saturday

27 bikes here in line. There were others around too.

Don (penmaker) donated 5 pounds of M&M's that have VROC 2010 and Vulcanic Blast printed on them. Ham and RG were the high bidders. The money went to help Lisa pay the rent of the space in the park. Don also had a bunch of individual packs of candy, all tied up with a gold ribbon, for everyone that came to the rally. Nice touch!

DD managed to stay out from under the table at the BBQ. That's Laura in the cool hat!

ChopBobby is a Coast Guard Vet! Found out we were in Boot camp at the same time back in '59 and '60. He joined a couple months before I did, and he's a few months older too. That made me feel good! Krazbob and chopbob are both older..... That's Banjo and his wife Kathy at the other end of the table. Nice folks.

Francis Noll ended up with the M&M's. RG was afraid to take them home, thinking Ham would probably eat them all up :-)

Last visiting moments, back at the Kaw Pasture after the BBQ in the park.

Sunset over the Yakima River, as seen from the Kaw Pasture Motels. As the day winds down, so does the Vulcanic Blast for 2010. Stand by for another one somewhere in or near Wenatchee, WA, in 2012

Friday, July 16, 2010

The corner. The restaurant was nice to set up enough seating for our group, and the service was great

Another table shot

Flyin' Willy there at the head of the table

We had 36 at dinner..not going to even try all the nanes! But this is the Detox family there in front.

Maccs, B from E, Kathy and Banjo.

Tinbender and Shirley at the El Mirador

Krazbob and Barb and their "Kids" what a neat family!

Dave is outside having a smoke. Epibunny is shooting him.

DD is crawling around under the table. ....must be a Canadian thing.

This picture doesn't do justice to this huge burrito!

Mac Guy and Alberta Al know how to eat.

My tortilla chicken and avocado soup

Black beans..yum

Cheesecake Chimachangas, with whipped cream and strawberries.

Tinbender and Shirley have a beautiful new Harley. I think that's Buzz greeting them.

The Garage Sale. Epi Bunny brought some things to sell.

Cranky "Legs" Snodgrass.

The Family...Jesse, Kaili, Linda and Detox (Jerry)

Ron (Mongrel) is a happy camper!

Epibunny getting into the samples at the Aplet and Cotlet factory

B from E and Frances Noll have matching shirts! They are taking in the tour at the factory

Nice hats! This could be a new vroc style

A fine looking group! They didn't look this fresh when they got back to Yakima in the 97 degree heat.

All Vulcans, except one token Gold Wing made the ride today. 15 of them.

Lisa and Laura volunteered the desk in their room for Epi to sew on patches. Laura turned off the A/C so Epi would feel more at home in her "Sweat Shop".

Epi has been doing this too long!

Last night at the Kaw Pasture.

Some of us rode up the River Canyon again to the Red Horse Diner for lunch today. This is an amazing place! Food wasn't anything great,but it was all right, and the ambiance was outstanding! Nice ride too. Please don't forget you can click on any picture to make it larger.