Friday, July 16, 2010

The line up for today's ride. Suppose to be in the mid-90's in temperature.

Mac Guy and Francis will be leading the pack on a ride to Leavenworth and all scenic places around the area today. I think at least 16 bikes and 21 or 22 people left on the ride.

Mongrel leaving. I didn't get them all, takes too long for the camera to reset, but here's a few. Wish I could have got a good picture of each one, but didn't work out that way.

Penmaker on his Wing, and I think that is Greg behind him.

Greg from Alberta. Canada.

Al on his 3 week old Wing from Northern Alberta, Canada. It was pretty dirty when he pulled in. I told him Skid would be proud of him...but, he washed it and ruined a chance to have a rat bike.

I think Cranky is the long distance rider. He came up from San Jose, California. O0ops, the 2 Canadians from Grand Prairie may have him by a few miles1

Leaving the parking lot at the Oxford Suites. Having 2 different motels for the Kaw Pasture makes for a lot of walking in between, several hundred yards apart, with a Burger King and a parking lot in between. But, it seems to be working out fine.

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