Friday, July 16, 2010

The corner. The restaurant was nice to set up enough seating for our group, and the service was great

Another table shot

Flyin' Willy there at the head of the table

We had 36 at dinner..not going to even try all the nanes! But this is the Detox family there in front.

Maccs, B from E, Kathy and Banjo.

Tinbender and Shirley at the El Mirador

Krazbob and Barb and their "Kids" what a neat family!

Dave is outside having a smoke. Epibunny is shooting him.

DD is crawling around under the table. ....must be a Canadian thing.

This picture doesn't do justice to this huge burrito!

Mac Guy and Alberta Al know how to eat.

My tortilla chicken and avocado soup

Black beans..yum

Cheesecake Chimachangas, with whipped cream and strawberries.

Tinbender and Shirley have a beautiful new Harley. I think that's Buzz greeting them.

The Garage Sale. Epi Bunny brought some things to sell.

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