Friday, July 16, 2010

Cranky "Legs" Snodgrass.

The Family...Jesse, Kaili, Linda and Detox (Jerry)

Ron (Mongrel) is a happy camper!

Epibunny getting into the samples at the Aplet and Cotlet factory

B from E and Frances Noll have matching shirts! They are taking in the tour at the factory

Nice hats! This could be a new vroc style

A fine looking group! They didn't look this fresh when they got back to Yakima in the 97 degree heat.

All Vulcans, except one token Gold Wing made the ride today. 15 of them.

Lisa and Laura volunteered the desk in their room for Epi to sew on patches. Laura turned off the A/C so Epi would feel more at home in her "Sweat Shop".

Epi has been doing this too long!

Last night at the Kaw Pasture.

Some of us rode up the River Canyon again to the Red Horse Diner for lunch today. This is an amazing place! Food wasn't anything great,but it was all right, and the ambiance was outstanding! Nice ride too. Please don't forget you can click on any picture to make it larger.

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