Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visiting VROC'ers. It's late afternoon, and 94 degrees out. Nice in the shade anyway.

Laura and B from E.

Epibunny is a good entertainer!

Lets see, I'll work on some names here.................

First, Epi is snapping a picture.

Cranky, Mac Guy, Penmaker, Laura (Rubrgator's daughter)

Roper, Steamboat, Al and Buzz

Greg Mongrel, Jesse and Kaili.

Linda, Detox, B from I and Epibunny

Francis, Kasey, Michelle, and Maccs

Maccs, Russ and Rubrgator.

Epi brought these boards from the Stateline bar between Washington and Idaho. It's the VROC sectuion of a fence. She's going to have names added, then will burn them into the wood and replace the fence.

Penmaker made up packages of M&Ms that say "Vulcanic Blast" and VROC 10. Chuck and Francis liked them so much, Don (Penmaker) had a hard time getting the supply sack back from him! Nice on Don's part, he made up a nice size package for everyone there.

He spent a lot of time writing on all these little candies! He prints nice too...

Chuck with his package. The one Francis had sort of disappeared :-)

Russ is one of the campers, so he's leaving to head out to the state park. We had 26 in town already, expect more to come in on Friday and Saturday. 3 Canadians, one Oregonian, the rest are all sort of local, being from Washington State.

Changed rooms today, so needed to make a quick pack of my "stuff". All I need is a mattress tied on, and it would look like I was leaving the dust bowl!

Nice lawn, patio, walking path, and the rushing Yakima river right outside my door.

The nice chair with the ottoman in the corner is where I'm blogging from right now. Very comfortable room.

some of us gathered at the El Mirador for a little "afternoon delight". I had a couple wonderful real Mexican tacos.

Lisa's strawberry Margarita

Epibunny's Flan

Roper's churros with fried Ice Cream and whipped cream.

Penmakers Natchos

Mongrol's Mexican Soup

Can't eat this, this, it was hanging over our table. It's a very interesting restaurant. It will be the group dinner place for tomorrow night. Now it's time for me to get out and socialize some more!

Red Horse Diner. This gas station and garage was built in the 1930's. Been remolded several times, now it been turned into a very good diner, and museum of old signs and items of the past. They hold many car and bike shows here too, and host several special events during the year.

We rode up the Yakima river Canyon to get there, 30 some miles of nice road. It was the destination for lunch today, but we got there too early. Part of the group went on to check out another interesting little city, but I came back to clean the bike and get some organizing done..

There are several rooms, it took us a while to go through them all. The food looked good too!

Why would you want to refill a Harley? They don't use oil!

Al from Alberta looks in amazement.

Harley signs seem to dominate the place.

Each booth is a little different. In size, shape and decorations.

Fun place.

More seating and playing area out the back door.

The hall way to the rest rooms

This is what the 8 of us were doing this morning..Well, 6 out of the 8 anyway. :-)

The main dining room.

Last shot of the inside.

Maccs, Al, (on his new Gold Wing) Greg (also from northern Alberta), Casey, Ron (Mongrel), Roper, Buzz, and Sherm made the ride this morning. So far, there were only 3 vroc ladies in attendance, and they all stayed behind to greet the people coming in today.

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