Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jon found a nest under a dock on the lake a 5 days ago. He's been playing with the babies every day. At first they were tiny and pink. In this short time they are getting color and developing little beaks.

Jonathan is standing in the lake as this picture was taken. He puts on fresh gloves and wades out and under a boat shack to get to them. Angie and been keeping a record of their growth. He's very careful with them, and only keeps them out of their nest for a few minutes. The mother flies back in to check on them when they are safely home.

The next several flower pictures were taken this evening at the Connie Hansen Garden. It's a nice lot in Lincoln City, with lots of plants and trees, and a nice home in the center of the garden. It was donated, and all the up keep is volunteer. Angie goes there on Tuesdays to help out.

Very delicate

I not posting but a small sample of the zillion pictures I took :-)

These red flowers looked like they were made of fine paper.

These are small dogwood blooms, a large tree was just covered with them.

More delicate blossoms

Tiny blooms cover another large tree

We went to one of the nature trails around Devil's Lake. Nathen is 5'7" tall, with a pretty wide arm span. This is a BIG spruce tree!

This is an "envelope" tree. Angie and the boys found it last May. Nate checked to see if it was still there, and also to see how many more had stamped the pages. It's sort of like a Geo Cache.

A limby old tree, old and large.

7/12/10. Started the trip to the Vulcanic Blast in Yakima, Washington today. I'll be taking some traveling shots the next couple of days before the vroc fun starts.

Heceta Head Light. This is one of the most photographed Lighthouses on the West Coast. It's still a little foggy this morning.

This Sea Gull was having a good time watching me take pictures. This is the turn out next to the Sea Lion Caves, but I forgot to get a picture of time.

A tourist asked if I'd like my picture taken..I really didn't, but said "sure" anyway :-)

Depot Bay is a real tourist town. It's a fun place to visit.

Grace's Sea Hag has been here a LONG time! I've eaten lunch in there many times when I used to have to come up here on the job. The salad bar is inside an old row boat.

The Chowder bowl. This is a newer place.

Grace and one of her boy friends.

Depot Bay Coast Guard Station. My last job in the Coast Guard was making sure all the small boats like these in 6 Stations along the Southern Oregon coast were properly maintained and in a state of readiness. I had to train the engineering crews, make inspections, and write yard specification for the boats annual availabilities in the ship yards. This was my most Northern station, the last one to the South was in Brookings, Oregon.

Standing on Highway 101 looking down to the entrance to Depot Bay.

All these boats have, at one time, been through bar out to the open sea. It's pretty narrow, and sometime very rough.

More shops along the one main street, which is the highway.

I ate some white cheddar kettle corn, the rest of the pictures have it on the lense, but I'll post them any way. This is "The Bar" the only entrance to Depot Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Note the rocks on the North side. I've made some very frightening trips through those rocks! I wasn't on search and rescue out of this station, but had to go out on the boats for Sea Trials many times.

One of the old bridges on High way 101, crossing the bay.

This is Devil's Lake, taking from my daughter Angie's back deck.

Jonathan, he's a pretty busy boy! Nathan and Jon are my grandsons.

Nathan is growing up fast! Here he's playing with one of the small rubber boats they use on the lake. They also have a full sized Zodiak with a motor.

Jon is quite the little swimmer.

The boys had to show me that it only takes a few seconds to catch these little bull heads. They jump into the lake, find a clam with their bare feet, then smash it with a boat anchor, put it on a hook and "bingo" instant bullhead. If they run out of clams, they gut out one of the bullheads and use it for bait..yuk.

Canonball Jon. He had to do this several times before I caught him in mid air. He didn't mind :-)

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