Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Glass blowing and other glass art is a big business in Lincoln City. We visited this shop today. Very interesting watching the artisans and their customers making nice pieces. There is an 18 hour cooling time for anything they make!

Some of the many finished pieces.

Mouth of the Siletz River. It's a short 70 mile river. Picture taken from the Pioneer Cemetary on top of a bluff over looking South Lincoln City.

These are Jung Seung figures. They were carved on the first full moon after the new year of 2005 in South Korea. They were some sort of good luck charms for the World Cup Soccer team that year. After the games, they were shipped to this resting place in Lincoln City, OR. I don't know why. But Nathan and Jonathan like them. The ball behind Nathan is made of some kind of foam and covered with rubber to look like a soccer ball.

Jon is about to be eaten by a good luck charm!

At Cape Kawanda (good place for a VROC rally), the boys and Angie stumbled on a lot of wild rabbits while they were geo caching last winter. They run wild, but are pretty tame around this picnic area. The boys had fun feeding them.

The little rabbits are timid, but hungry, so....hunger wins out!

Jon befriending a bunny.

We were "Stimulated at Cape Kawanda". This is a coffee shop there. We passed on these goodies, but the coffee was wonderful! The shop is called "Stimulated Espresso"

Beaches at Pacific City.

Rock at Cape Kawanda. This is a well known surfing beach. They have competitions here at all seasons of the year.

The parking lot.

While the rest of us watched a couple old ladies trying to get their car unstuck in the sand, Jon ran all the way down to the big dune at the end, climbed to the top, and slid down, and got back by the time we were ready to go. It would be nice to be 9 years old again! Both boys do a lot of things on their own. They aren't exactly "couch potatoes" :-)

Rookie didn't want to wait in the car, so Nate let her drag him around the beach for awhile.

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